C.A.M.F.A. Summer Camp Registration Form

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Birth Date: Height: Weight:
Have you previously played football ?



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High School

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Make cheques  for $110 payable to C.A.M.F.A.

Return to:
David Blanchard
61 Duffie Drive
Oromocto, N.B.
E2V 4M9

There are only 50 openings in each of the Senior and Junior Divisions.
 Applications must be received by July 29.

Waiver and Release:   We hereby give our consent and approval to the participation in the Capital Area Football Summer Camp, and certify that he or she is physically fit to take part in all activities. Further we do hereby waive, release and forever discharge said organization, its staff and employees from any and all claims for damages occurring from activities arising from travel to or from Camp.

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