Capital Area Minor Football Association

                                                                                                                                                                               Revised January 27, 2016

1.         The association will be known as the Capital Area Minor Football Association Inc., or by its 
            abbreviation CAMFA.  

2.         The mailing address of CAMFA will be that of the President.  

3.         The objectives of the CAMFA will  include the following:  

A)        To promote, conduct, maintain and manage an association for the development of the 
of amateur football  and for this purpose to take such steps as may be necessary 
            to assist in the promotion, initiation and extension of the sport in the "Capital Area" of
             the Province of New Brunswick.

B)         To oppose improper methods and unethical practices prejudicial to the rightful conduct
 of amateur  football, in order that honourable and fair competition may prevail. 

C)        To promote and aid the development and growth of fun and safe tackle and  flag 
 football, in the "Capital Area" of the Province of New Brunswick, for all age groups 
and both genders.

D)        To develop "Self-esteem" in our Athletes

E)        To invest, or disburse, or make provision for the investment of disbursements of all or 
any part of the funds or other property of CAMFA in the manner deemed expedient 
for the best interests of CAMFA .  

4.        The affairs of CAMFA shall be governed by an Executive composed of:   

          In order to have the right to vote, a regional Vice President must have had at least one active team in 
          their area during the preceding season. 

          The Executive  is empowered to make all decisions  regarding the operations of the 
such as, acting within the approved budgetary provisions to purchase assets, pay 
          bills, authorize expenses incurred on behalf of the association, etc. between meetings of the 

           A.   The Executive will be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Membership.  

           B. The Executive will be elected by majority vote of the Members in attendance at the Annual 
               General Meeting

           C. Each registered minor player in CAMFA during the preceding season shall be considered a 
for the purposes of this constitution and shall be entitled to one vote. Member  
               votes will be cast by the Legal Guardian of each Member .  Legal Guardians must be in 
               attendance in order to vote. Each coach, manager, official or volunteer shall also be considered a 
               Member and be entitled to one vote 

               No proxy votes are permitted.
           D.  Each Member in attendance is entitled to one vote in electing the President, Secretary, 
                 Treasurer, Registrar
, Equipment Manager, Coaching Coordinator, Fundraising
and Vice President-Officials of  CAMFA.

           E.  Each Member in attendance is entitled to one vote in electing the Vice Presidents and
                Coaching Coordinators for the area of CAMFA in  which the Member lives.            

5.         All matters voted on by the Executive will be decided by majority vote.  

6.         A)   The chairman shall not vote except in the event of a tie vote.  

B)   The President, or in his absence, someone appointed by the Executive, shall chair all Executive 

7.         A quorum for Executive meetings shall be at least ten of the nineteen Executive positions.  

8.         The fiscal period for CAMFA will be the 12-month period ending on December 31 of  each year.
            An independent accountant will be appointed each year by the Membership at the Annual General 
            Meeting. The independent accountant will review the financial statement of CAMFA. The  independent 
            accountant's review report must be completed and distributed to the Membership at the Annual 
            General Meeting.  

9.         A)   Amendments to this constitution will be made only at a General Meeting of the membership of

B)    Notice of proposed Amendments to the constitution shall be made in writing by
                    letter to the  Secretary of  CAMFA, at least four weeks prior to a General Meeting of the
                    membership at which the proposed change is to be voted  upon. The Secretary will then
                    provide the proposed Amendments to voting  Members at least two  weeks before the
                    scheduled  meeting by posting them on the CAMFA website.

C)  A three-quarter vote of the voting Members in attendance at a General Meeting of the 
membership will be necessary to amend this constitution.

10.       The Membership will meet at least once annually, no later than April 30. Meetings of 
           the Membership
can be called by any of the President  or any two other members of 
           the Executive or by twenty-five Members of  CAMFA. Notice of these meetings will be 
           posted on the CAMFA website at least two weeks in advance. Notice will also be made in 
           the Daily Gleaner during the  week of the meeting.

11.       The Executive will meet at least twice annually. Meetings of the Executive can  be 
            called by the President or any two members of the Executive.

12.       At all meetings of CAMFA, Robertís Rules of Order will determine the conduct.