Capital Area Minor Football Association
11 & Under (U12) Spring Football "Developmental" Rules

                                                                                                                                                                                  Revised April 29, 2011

The 11 & Under (U12) Spring Football Program will operate using the Mosquito Rules as detailed below with the following modifications:

There will be no kicking game:

Instead of kickoffs teams will be begin scrimmage at their own 35 yard line. 

There will be punts. Teams can "elect" to punt on fourth down. No fake punts are allowed. No rush on the punter is allowed. The receiving team can put a maximum of two players back to receive the punt. All others are to remain in the line of scrimmage area. The punted ball will be dead where it is caught by a returning player. If the ball is not caught it will be dead where it comes to a stop on its own or by the actions of a returning player. If a returning player directs the ball back towards the line of scrimmage the ball will be dead where he first touched it. Punts out of bounds will be dead where they go out of bounds. A team cannot lose yards by punting.
There will be no kicked converts. A convert by pass will be worth two pints. A convert by run will be worth one point.


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