Capital Area Minor Football Association
13 & Under (U14) Spring Football "Developmental" Rules

                                                                                                                                                                                            Revised April 29, 2012


For all games teams will play 4 down football with the one yard neutral zone. The offence must throw a legal forward pass on at least one of the first three downs in each series of downs
        Failure to do so will result in an "Illegal Procedure" penalty. Officials will not stop play until the ball is dead. Attempting to pass and getting sacked or being forced to run will not satisfy this rule. The ball must be thrown as a legal forward pass. Any pass that is little more than a glorified handoff will not satisfy this rule. A lateral pass will not satisfy this rule.  Officials should point this out to a team that has just thrown a lateral pass. A five yard penalty will be applied and the down repeated. The offensive team will still be obligated to pass the ball again after the penalty has been applied.
      The defensive team has the option to decline the penalty, let the play stand and bring up fourth down. The offensive team can run the ball on fourth down.
        In order to avoid this penalty teams are strongly advised to pass on either first or second down.    


       The defence can have as many defensive lineman as the offense has interior offensive lineman (ie. C, G, T, TE). Linebackers and defensive backs are not allowed to blitz. Defensive ends cannot line up wider than an "outside shade" on the most outside interior offensive lineman, (i.e. T, TE). The defensive end's inside foot cannot be outside of the offensive lineman's outside foot.
       There is no restriction on where linebackers or defensive backs can line up.
       Linebackers and defensive backs cannot cross the line of scrimmage until the quarterback no longer has the ball or has left the pocket. 
       If this rule is violated the defence will be penalized 5 yards for "illegal defence". 
      This rule is not in effect when there is two yards or less to go for a first down or when the offense is scrimmaging inside the defensive team's 2 yard line. 
Note from officials:
Any End player lined up on the line of scrimmage must be at least 3 yards outside the T
on the snap to NOT be classified as a TE for the purposes of this rule. Any player lined up behind the line of scrimmage (other than the QB) must be at least 3 yards behind the line of scrimmage OR 3 yards outside the T, TE on the snap to NOT be classified as a TE for the purposes of this rule.  


There will be kickoffs. No short kickoffs.
       There will be punts. No fake punts or onside players are allowed. No rush on the punter is allowed. The receiving team can put a maximum of two players back to receive the punt. All others are to remain in the line of scrimmage area until the ball has been snapped. The receiving team is to concentrate on punt return and not punt block.
        There will be kicked converts. Successful kicked converts will be worth two points. Successful converts by run or pass will be worth one point. 

       Games will consist of four 15 minute quarters straight time, except for the last three minutes of each half which will be timed according to the rulebook. 

      Each team can have two coaches on the field to help "develop" players skills. Coaches are not on the field to help officiate the game.


    No player is allowed to play both offence and defence, in the same quarter, unless the following conditions exist:
    (1) A team has less than 24 players available at start of game or due to injury, etc.
    (2) A team with 24 or more players dressed lacks suitable bodies for certain positions, most likely linemen. Coaches of the two teams should attempt to reach agreement in such situations, with player safety being the most important factor. The referee will decide if the coaches can't agree.

    This program is "developmental" so coaches are to concentrate on getting all players ample playing time rather than trying to win the game.    


      Once a team takes and maintains an 18 point lead, the starting running backs can no longer play offence. They are still permitted to play defence.
      Once a team takes and maintains a lead of 30 points the trailing coach will have the option of timing being straight time. The referee can enforce straight time if he feels conditions warrant.


Teams will play with 12 players on the field.
          If one or both teams has less than 18 players dressed:    
Teams will play with 10 players on the field. The offence must have at least 5 players on the line of scrimmage; two less than for 12 player football. The "Tackle" position has been eliminated.